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Headmasters Newsletter

Headmaster's Newsletter 2018-1st Term.


A hearty welcome is extended to all our new learners and parents. We trust that your stay at our school will be an exciting and successful one. The Headmaster and his staff are committed towards the pursuit of excellence as we are an academic, sports and cultural institution. Our staff and learners are holistically developed to their full potential.…


Parents meeting 2018

Dear Parents / Guardians 
Please take note:
*There will be a Parents meeting on Wednesday the 24th of January 2018  @ 17h00pm  for grades 8 to 11.
* There will be a Parents meeting on Thursday  the 25th of January 2018  @ 17h00pm  for grade 12. 
#Please ensure that you attend, as to grasp the guidelines for the year ahead. 

Matric statements

Please Note: Matric statements are out and available at the school for collection, from 07h00am - 10h00am 05/01/2018…


Collection of Reports

Please Note:Reports are ready for collection as of today; 05 Dec 2017 from 8h30am - 12h00 pm & 06 Dec 2017 from 8h30 - 11h30.

Please Note: Ensure all textbooks are handed in before the last day of school. 

Please Note: Reports will be issued from 8h30am - 11h30 on the 07 Dec 2017

Please Note Reports will be issued from 08h00 - 10h00  on the 08 Dec 2017…


Uncollected Reports - Please take note

Dear Parents / Guardians

Parents / guardians need to make an appointment with form teachers through their sons for the collection of their reports.
Please be aware that reports will not be issued to learners nor during class time therefore a suitable date and time must be considered when securing an appointment with the form teacher.




Principals Newsletter

Dear parents

I would like to extend a hearty thanks to you all for all the support and enthusiasm you have offered this term. It is greatly appreciated.

Please take heed of the following announcements:

  • Outstanding school fees must be paid.

  • Twelve grade 12 boys will be attending the SSIP Camp.

  • Reports will be issued on the 27th of July 2017.

To all the Grade 12 boys, I wish you all the…