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Principal's October 2018 Newsletter : Mr K. Nayager (Acting Principal)


October Newsletter

While delving into the final lap of the academic year and just after a return from the short school holidays our National Senior Certificate Examinations have began. Aside from this most important event, this extremely short month has also seen an abundance of activities. The chief highlight being the Basketball tournament which we hosted on Friday the 26thof October 2018.We had dignitaries such as First Lady Dr Zuma and other celebrities like Mathew Booth, the former South African football player and Gary “Soldier Boy” a prolific cage fighting champion. At the generosity of our sponsors refreshments were provided for all learners, guests and participants – it was a basketball spectacular. This month also saw the grade 12 Valediction where we paid tribute to the matrics of 2018. We bade them a formal farewell while simultaneously awarding them their sport and academic certificates and trophies.

School Assessment

As said before the matrics have officially begun with the NSC Examinations which started on the 23rdof October. So far this process has been going well in terms of the smooth running and zero absenteeism. We wish our young men the best of luck in the papers to come. Parents are encouraged to support them during these very important examinations.

The rest of the school will officially start writing their examinations on Friday, the 9thofNovember 2018. We wish them the best as well. Until that day, it is expected that all learners are to be in school every day in full and proper school uniform. This is paramount as educators finish up on curriculum and revision.

The exams will officially end on the 30thof November 2018 and reports will be issued on the 12th of December 2018 from 8am- 11am. This notice will be repeated in our next edition of the School Newsletter.

Staff Matters

We have not received any news regarding the appointment of the new Deputy Principal that was supposed to be finalised on 1stof November 2018, until then Ms Ndlela will still be the Acting Deputy Principal for the GET phase and Mrs Kotwal the Acting Deputy Principal of FET phase.

In line with this, it is with utmost sadness that I have to announce the resignation of Ms Ndlela from HNBHS aseffective on the 31st of December 2018. Ms Ndlela is a huge loss to HNBHS as she has proven to be a huge asset to not only the languages department but also to her role in management and cultural activities in our school. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours and I implore all parents and learners to send her their best regards as we honour her great work and service to HNBHS over the years.


We have had a very short season of Basketball this term as there was not much time for sport. Nonetheless, the basketball boyswere placed as runner ups in the Basketball tournament, by losing only 2 points to Barnato Park High School. We are proud of their efforts and achievement.

To all other boys who have represented our school in the various codes of sport this year, we appreciate your dedication, your passion and talents. We have receivedreoccurringpraise from other schools as they continually speakin admiration about the respect, the discipline, the gentleman mannerism and the good conduct of our boys. To the boys, continue to uphold this distinguished trait and keep this good reputation going.

Otherwise I would like to announce that all sport will cease on the 1st of November 2018 for the year due to the commencement of the final examinations. To all boys’ who participated in sport this year, thank you and well done!

Annual General Meeting

Please note the previously postponed AGM meeting will now take place on Tuesday, the 13thof November in the school Hall at 5pm. All parents are welcome to attend the meeting.

School Fees

All school fees should have now been paid up for the year. Any outstanding amounts or school fees in arrears will be given a grace period of the month of November to be settled. Regretfully, all defaulting parents and guardians will then be handed over to our collections representation, Prosperitas. To all parents who are up to date with school fees, I’d like to thank you very much for your payment. It has truly helped us in dark times.


The year is almost over and I liketo encourage all our learners to assert their positions in the next grade by making this year count. May each and every learner of HNBHS do the right thing and study extremely diligently and effectively so that when our holiday finally arrives, it will be a well deserved one. I’d like to wish our teachers all the best as they embark on the long hours of marking and strenuous invigilation. May God grant them the strength to be up to it.

Stay blessed...


Mr K. Nayager

Acting Principal