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Principal's Newsletter September 2018 : Mr K. Nayager (Acting Principal)

SEPTEMBER Newsletter

The staff and learners of HNBHS greet this much deserved break with a warm welcome and pleasure as this busy term comes to an end. Along with this endmarks the completion of the grade 12 Preliminary Examinations which concluded yesterday, just one day before our school closes. I appluad our teachers who have been set steep with marking, tallying of marks and the capturing of marks onto our system. Your hard work and committmentwas once again shown as you met these deadlines on such a short space of time. Your efforts play an invaluable role in our institution.

In addition to academics, this term has been a fruitful one with several extracurricular activities. The English Department hosted a Spelling Bee contest that was met with great enthusiasm from our learners and was consequently a booming success. The soccer boys also achieved a miraculous fate by winning the leaugue trophy and restored pride to our long-lasting relationship with victory. Well done and a huge thank you to all that played a part in these amazing achievements.

School Assessment

The grade 12 learners have concluded their prelims and now face the main challenge of the final exams. As we close school for just over a week, I’d like to encourage our grade 12 boys to stick to their books and keep the midnight lamp burning. Parents, I urge you to please give our matric boys their space. Please do not take them away for family gatherings, funerals, parties, etc. They have just 2 weeks until they sit to write their final examinations and your support is crucial during this milestone phase of their lives.

School will reopen on Tuesday, 09 October 2018 and all matriculants are expected to be in full attendance. During the first week of school, teachers will engage learners on their prelim exams. It’s extremely important that our boys go through their exams and scrutinise every question. This process is very neccessary as it enables our learners to learn from previous mistakes so they won’t be repeated in the final exams to come.

The rest of the school (grade 8 to 11) will commence withtheir final examinations in the first week of November 2018.

School Tour

Due to the lack of interest and very little fees paid up (20 boys), the school has decided to cancel the tour for this year and will look into hosting it in 2019. It is with deep regret that we have to cancel this tour as we disappoint the 20 learners that have paid, however it is not feasible to go with only 20 learners.

Staff Matters

Our new Deputy Principal will only be appointed on 1st November 2018. As we rotate the Acting position I would like to thank Mrs Subbiah, who was Acting Deputy Principal in term 3, for her dedication, wise advice and whole-hearted support. Based on our philosophy of developing staff, I would like to welcome Ms Ndlela as our new Acting Deputy Principal for the GET phase. Ms Ndlela will take over from Mrs Subbiah and will now act until the Deputy Principal post is reinstated on a permanent capacity. Likewise Mrs Kotwal will remain Acting Deputy Principal for the FET phase until the permanent positions are restored by the department.


The boys have represented us well in squash, soccer and rugby. We thank the boys for their dedication and marvellous display of talent. It is with that, that as we say farewell to the squash, rugby and soccer season and welcome cricket, swimming and basketball at the start of the new term.

School Fees

A friendly reminder goes out to all parents and guardians to please payup their school fees as we reach the end of the year. By end of October 2018, all outstanding amounts must be cleared. Handing over parents who default on school fee payments is a very tough decision to make, but has to be done for us to keep the school running at its optimum capacity. To all parents who are up to date with school fees, I’d like to thank you for honouring your regular payments.

Parents Meeting

The school Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday, 13th October 2018 at 09h00 in the school hall where we will be issuing reports to all parents.Furthermore the grade 9 subject choices meeting will also take place. Please make every effort to attend.


I’d like to wish all our learners and staff a peaceful and restful holiday. Spend every minute of it with your loved ones. Some of you will just want to be left alone to read, to listen to music, to do a bit of gardening, and so forth. Whatever means you choose to rejuvenate, just come back well refreshed, recharged and ready to face the new, short, but busy term.

Until then be well and stay blessed...

Mr K. Nayager

Acting Principal