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SaturdayClasses1The CAMI Program is a computer program that allows our pupils to improve their Maths and English results.

CAMI is unique in its way to help the boys develop at their own pace, going back as far as the foundation phase curriculum to help locate and rebuild their ‘knowledge wall’, but also challenge them and help them progress with their current work load.

This system has been successfully integrated into our school timetable which allows all our students the opportunity to benefit from it.

We have also started to introduce the grade 7 boys, who would like to come to our school, to the system in order to help them improve their Maths and English, but also, more importantly, to prepare them for entering grade 8.

This system will help the boys improve their processing speeds, which means that they will be able to do their work quicker and more accurately allowing them more time to spend on the things they enjoy, which is also vital to their development.

Extra Maths lessons will be held after school for all those really willing to improve their marks.

There will be no charge for these extra lessons and we encourage all those that will dedicate their time and hard work to prove that CAMI can increase your marks by 20%.

Charge for the Extra CAMI lessons will be determined by management for  Saturdays.

  • The Aim of this will be to not only help prepare the Boys for their final exams 
    but to prepare them for entering High School.

Holiday Classes

  • Extra Maths and English classes will also be held during the school holidays.
  • These will be for Highlands Boys’ pupils only.
  • The cost for these sessions will be determined by management.