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The school govering body helps us maintain the school in building a brighter future of all H.N.B.H.S learners. The SGB has a responsibility of controlling the school and implementing discipline. The SGB is formed by the Principal, Chairperson, Finance person, teachers and parents. Without them H.N.B.H.S is weak and has no one to lift the name to ensure everything is ok.

The school community has elected a new School Governing Body in March 2018 in which # was voted the new Chairperson. We have confidence that the SGB will take the school governance to new heights. The new SGB will set fresh goals and be motivated in charging after their aspirations in an unstoppable manner.

Highlands North Boys’ High School consists of 28 teachers. Our current Principal Mr. M.A. Mokgalaka with 2 deputy principals: Mr. L. Nayager and acting . We have 13 individuals serving on the governing body.

Contact details of the SGB Parents are as follows:
Mr. M.A. Mokgalaka (Principal)

Cell: 0764800148/0117862439

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Chairperson) Cell: Email: N/A
(Deputy Chairperson) Cell: Email: N/A
(Treasurer) Cell: Email: N/A
(Parent) Cell: Email: N/A
(Parent) Cell: Email: N/A
(Educator) Cell: 
Email: N/A
Mrs. P. Phekun (Educator) Cell: 0117862439 Email: N/A